A note on Confidentiality


Content and documents - like pdf docs, code snippets, images, etc. - are supposed to be public. We are therefore not liable for any content that might have been posted without any prior authorization or without any proper copyright permission.

The documents and content that is found on the Interop Project's wiki are published in a spirit of fair use, public information and free speech. We reserve the right to unpublish any content or document that we would find objectionable.

There are cases, however, when the publication or disclosure of a document or some specific content might not just be problematic for some people: such a disclosure would put the person disclosing the case at risk.

We don't want you to get harmed, to undergo trials, to have your career broken, etc. This is why you can contact us using the contact form provided here.

We will also provide you with an email alias where you can send documents, etc. It does not mean, however that we will publish your documents.

You can either send us content that you don't want to be published, or content you'd like to be published but not under your name or username.

If you ask us not to reveal your identity of the content you are submitting, we won't disclose any of those.


Confidentiality on this site primarily works with the ability not to disclose anyone's names.

When you register to the Interop Wiki Project, make sure you pick an username that will not disclose your identity or give any clue about you.

Example: if your name is Adam Smith, don't pick "adamsmith" as an username. Prefer obscure or otherwise unintelligible suite of alphanumerical characters, such as "darknight" or "ws16xp5".

In case you are already using other Wikidot websites, make sure you don't use one of your existing usernames: anyone could spot your presence elsewhere! Register a brand new username instead.

If you feel unsure or not safe using even cryptic usernames, please use the contact form to reach us and explain your case. We won't reveal your identity, but keep in mind there are some limits the Polish laws have when it comes to disclosure and confidentiality.