Public tenders demanding a specific brand: resources against illegal practices

Some calls for tenders in public procurement for computer software and hardware explicitly demand proprietary technologies, excuding competitors from the market. April, the Free Software association in France has launched a campaign to inform about the illegality of these discriminatory practices.

Such practices are forbidden by both French and UE law. But today still, over 20% of public procurement in computer software at European level do not respect those principles. This obligation is not purely formal, and both national and international (see for instance Canada) international (in Canada) examples shows both the importance of conforming to the rules and the opportunities that stem from them.

For more information, a guidebook (in French) is now available on April's website, which gives out pointers for companies which are dealing with this problem on a daily basis.

See also the news in the press about the ruling of the Lille administrativ eCourt that cancelled a public procurement that excluded open source software :

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