MS & French Min. of Defense : WG Final Report

Summarized translation of Work Group Final Report regarding agreement between Microsoft and French Ministry of Defense.

Analysis of the proposed framework agreement with Microsoft

Workgroup conclusions

1. The return on investment (ROI) of the framework agreement is not shown

The financial analysis of Microsoft's offer does not allow to determine any ROI. No agency of the Ministry of Defence is currently able to formally commit to a workforce reduction related to the implementation of scenario 2 or 3. Indeed, the FTE generated deposits are not identified.

The only certitude is that scenario 2 will result in an increase of € 3 million / year of software expenses.

2. An unacceptable risk is common to all scenarios

The extraterritorial application of U.S. laws can lead to a ban on all deployment scenarios in "rogue states".

3. The Workgroup recommends Scenario 1

To minimize the risk and cost budget as part of an independent governance of the CIS, the workgroup recommends an agreement with the form of a contract Select "E" with unique contracting authority.

Such a decision raises the question of the implementation of a contracting authority only to GAIA 4.

4. The workgroup does not recommends a package agreement

Given the high risk and additional cost compared to the current situation, the workgroup does not recommand a package agreement without a clear limitation to office perimeter.

The only certitude is that the Microsoft offer will lead to additional expense of € 3 million per year whereas no gain has been identified in term of ROI.

5. Risk reduction is required

For all scenarios, a risk reduction is mandatory. A further study can be conducted by the work group. It should not change the hierarchy of scenarios. However, it has the potential to the deciding authority to override the risks identified by making them prohibitive out of the forbidden zone.

6. Choice of scenario by CSIAG and CSIOC

The group proposes that after the analysis of the value of all scenarios, the CSIAG and CSIOC choose one.

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