MS & French Min. of Defense : Press Review

Press review bellow :

Concerns and questions expressed by AFUL :

  • The agreement may mark the end of all looking for Microsoft software alternatives that would "hinder the development of Open Source in the Defence administrations."
  • Creating a Microsoft Competency Centre in the DIRISI premises can be defined as interference by a private company in state affairs (through a ministry).
  • This agreement questions the independence of France "in its information system of defence"
  • Guidelines of the General Directorate of Information and Communication Systems seem to be forgotten (B. Carayon argument). It asked the agencies of the Defence Department "to promote the use of open standards and competition between proprietary software solutions and free / open source ones in favour of the Directive that could have been written specifically to protect the influence of Microsoft Corporation in the Ministry "(Article 4 of the Act No. 2004575 of 21 June 2004 on Confidence in the Digital Economy).
  • The "uniformity of the Department’s information systems (…) would make it much more vulnerable to IT risks (cyber attacks, viruses, logic bombs, etc.)."
  • PC INPACT speaks of "non-return ratchet effect" with this framework agreement: "un impossible moving back for the" cost out "and the impossibility to move to heterogeneous solutions "(AFUL).
  • The AFUL make the link with Nicolas Sarkozy's speech to the world of culture about the Google case, suspected of dominant position abuse, "why nobody, including the State as major French client, do not take offense or questions of tax planning organized by Microsoft in Europe and his continued dominance for over 15 years (which is unusually long in an industry as innovative)? "
  • AFUL wonders about the "strategic dependence between France and the United States" because of the framework agreement DIRISI / Microsoft: "Is it economically wise to focus the expertise of North America to the detriment of French companies? Is it acceptable that a country like France, one of the four major military powers, has no independence and technological expertise in information systems of his Defence Ministry, as its national companies have all the competence and technological know-how necessary to ensure that independence and control? "

Interview with Stéfane Fermigier, member of CNLL and founder of Nuxeo :

  • "This agreement raises a strategic problem: for each computer, the department can chose between using a technology already paid under the agreement with Microsoft or to develop an alternative solution. He no longer has any interest in seek an alternative. "
  • As for the Microsoft Competency Centre, "Microsoft is in control in the master plan of defence."

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