Microsoft & Defense contracts: a long story?

As you already know the InteropWiki Project already published several documents and gathered several resources about the case of Microsoft influencing the French Defense Ministry . That does not seem to be the only example where one private, foreign corporation is allowed to influence the strategic procurement choices and information technologies of a rather large power in terms o military.

This time, we focus on the NATO and the actual NATO countries (most of them, outside the US and Canada, being European). Below you will find two interesting links. One is a public page about yet another blanket agreement in favour of MSFT signed by the NATO for software equipment; the other one is actually a conference organized by Microsoft for NATO leaders. And the most fascinating part is that it's not a sales conference where you would expect sales reps and execs going around potential governmental buyers. No, it's Microsoft execs pitching the actual NATO memberstates strategies in terms of defense. I didn't know they were in charge of the army here…

If you happen to have similar documented cases please make sure you report them here.

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