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Situation Overview

In many cases, people cannot get their own administrations or government to interoperate with them, because their government uses proprietary, non standard technologies that makes it hard to meet their requirements.

The thing is, it's both your money and your government, and you should not have to deal with these issues.

Help us collect information on these problematic cases so that we can make our governments understand that these things do matter.

A Note on confidentiality:If you are worried about your postings on the wiki being tracked all the way to you, you should consider these following points or contacting us directly.

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News views and discussion forum

UK Gov spending details - Many of this is off-topic, but nonetheless interesting. The Guardian published the details of the major tenders in the UK. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (01 Jun 2011 14:26) - Comments : 0

The role of government in the formation of dominant positions in the IT sector - An interesting study was published in 2008 by the French Chapter of FFII that would deserve proper translation in English imho : Posted by manechmanech (11 Feb 2011 18:36) - Comments : 3

SilverLight on government websites - I'd like to call everybody to write down a list of government websites that require MSFT technologies to properly work or to provide specific services. Here's a first example coming from France. The website requires Silverlight and it's the anti-fraud administration (!!!) Posted by interophackerinterophacker (26 Apr 2011 11:23) - Comments : 0

An open document format for Europe? Let's do it! - It's not news but if there was enough willpower, Europe could actually make that choice. Nice move, though: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (11 Apr 2011 15:37) - Comments : 0

If facebook runs open why won't the Commission? - Check this out, which describes Facebook's new open data centre Posted by Belgian GuyBelgian Guy (10 Apr 2011 09:27) - Comments : 3

EC pushes ahead with Windows 7 migration - No public tender, negotiations behind closed doors. Senior European civil servants very unhappy about the move, but the Commission, in its wisdom, appears to have chosen the path of least resistance by pursuing its long-standing relationship with Microsoft. So what if it contradicts policy laid down in the Commission's Digital Agenda. Big deal if it's exactly what the Commission is telling public procurers around Europe not to do. Putting it politely, this stinks. Posted by spudcrusherspudcrusher (01 Apr 2011 14:50) - Comments : 0

Buying a clean laptop without Windows - What ever happened to the ability to buy a clean laptop without Windows on it? If I don't particularly want to pay toll to Microsoft, because I run Ubuntu with a lot of open source apps, how is Msft able these days to enforce monopoly purchases on PC makers? Posted by Belgian GuyBelgian Guy (30 Mar 2011 12:44) - Comments : 1

French Defense Ministry buys directly from Microsoft Ireland - So if you check the two docs uploaded yesterday by CoinMeuh, ( and that you read french you'll see this is a pretty big tender where, most surprisingly, the french Defense Ministry contracts directly with MS Ireland. That calls for two comments, I think:

  • why the heck would a french ministry buy directly from an US-based software vendor in Ireland instead of purchasing the same stuff directly in France? (as a government it does not even get the VAT)
  • the scope of the contract seems very large, unusually large, as it covers pretty much the range of MS products in general. If someone has more background on this, go ahead. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (30 Mar 2011 08:22) - Comments : 21

Public tenders demanding a specific brand: resources against illegal practices - Some calls for tenders in public procurement for computer software and hardware explicitly demand proprietary technologies, excuding competitors from the market. April, the Free Software association in France has launched a campaign to inform about the illegality of these discriminatory practices. Posted by janchoujanchou (22 Mar 2011 15:19) - Comments : 8

EU Consultation on Public Procurement - This is interesting : #EU #DigitalAgenda action 23 ( supportive study tender request out at Posted by dasbodasbo (07 Mar 2011 13:41) - Comments : 5

Provision of ICT for the European institutions also would deserve some attention - Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 18:08:04 +0100
From: ue.aporue.lraporue|moCffatS#PE eettimmoC ffatS
To: ue.aporue.lraporue|neeporuEtnemelraP-LD#neeporuE tnemelraP Posted by dasbodasbo (01 Mar 2011 13:55) - Comments : 10

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