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File nameFile typeSize
2011-03-29_Medienmitteilung.pdfPDF document30.09 kBInfo
COMM_PDF_SEC_2010_1182_F_ENPDF document254.39 kBInfo
directive_d_emploi_Microsoft_signee_le_18-01-10.pdfPDF document13.39 MBInfo
EC Microsoft ServicesPDF document102.19 kBInfo
FrenchMoD Tender AnalysisPDF document321.25 kBInfo
jorf_eboampPDF document11.03 kBInfo
Le rĂ´le des Etats dans les monopoles informatiques.pdfPDF document437.55 kBInfo
marche_microsoft_09-54-149_notifie_le_26-05-09.pdfPDF document466.69 kBInfo
MoD Internal review document on the tenderPDF document209.18 kBInfo
Overview and timeline French Ministry of Defense Global IT tenderPDF document111.29 kBInfo