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Situation Overview

In many cases, people cannot get their own administrations or government to interoperate with them, because their government uses proprietary, non standard technologies that makes it hard to meet their requirements.

The thing is, it's both your money and your government, and you should not have to deal with these issues.

Help us collect information on these problematic cases so that we can make our governments understand that these things do matter.

A Note on confidentiality:If you are worried about your postings on the wiki being tracked all the way to you, you should consider these following points or contacting us directly.

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News views and discussion forum

French Defense IT system under US company control - It could be the scenario for next movie production on the dark lobbies of the power at the age of information society. Well, no, this is simply a case study among many, many others on the actual situation : Redmond's intrusion at all levels of our existence including the most sensitive ones – when it comes to our national security for example. Posted by Arsene 75Arsene 75 (02 Sep 2011 15:06) - Comments : 8

Windows 8 on ARM will ONLY run MS Office - Now that's what I call "competition". What Microsoft is trying to tell us these days is that Windows on ARM will be: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (18 Feb 2012 14:01) - Comments : 3

MSFT pressures UK gov on Open Standards and public procurement - Some things never change. The UK Gov had released a whitepaper on open standards, IT public procurement, making a good case for open source software and open standards: That didn't last long, Microsoft put them squarely back to where it thought the UK might allow and encourage: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (27 Feb 2012 15:04) - Comments : 3

Microsoft goes antitrust on Google in Europe - Well, this is becoming interesting; now Microsoft is suing Google for monopolistic practices with its Google + social network in Europe: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (29 Feb 2012 11:16) - Comments : 3

Banging my head against the wall: OOXML the standard of choice of the European Union? - Sometimes these people are just plainly frustrating, how can we expect anything good from them? Click here to read article. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (26 Dec 2011 12:16) - Comments : 2

Wikileaks & Microsoft: the Cablegate files - Credits to Wikileaks and Techrights for unearthing the files covering the pressure plays and games by MSFT and sometimes the US Gov (helping MSFT). There are lots of material on the page below, and they ask to be extracted and analyzed. Many of the cases are not necessarily taking place in Europe though: click here. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (02 Jan 2012 14:59) - Comments : 0

Should there be a ban on procuring devices running Windows 8 in the public sector? - As explained on this page , I wonder whether there the European administrations as well as the European countries' public sector should impose procurement restrictions on Windows 8 devices. It is bad enough to have a monopoly and European public officiers clapping their both hands at Redmond, we may want to stop this insanity before it's too late… Posted by interophackerinterophacker (14 Jan 2012 12:42) - Comments : 3

Sweden, vendor lock-in, open standards and MSFT - A nice paper by this Swedish researcher on vendor lock-in and the influence of MSFT technologies in public procurement: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (12 Dec 2011 13:18) - Comments : 0

Reverse Propaganda by Microsoft - This is an interesting document (pdf), and it's basically propaganda by Microsoft complaining that mandating open source or open standards discriminates vendors such as... Microsoft. Time to get your act together Redmond? Posted by interophackerinterophacker (12 Dec 2011 13:11) - Comments : 0

Microsoft & Defense contracts: a long story? - As you already know the InteropWiki Project already published several documents and gathered several resources about the case of Microsoft influencing the French Defense Ministry . That does not seem to be the only example where one private, foreign corporation is allowed to influence the strategic procurement choices and information technologies of a rather large power in terms o military. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (15 Nov 2011 10:29) - Comments : 0

MSFT now takes royalty fees out of half of Android phones - I know, that's not really part of the public procurement topic but it does have direct implications at least in terms of procurement : Posted by interophackerinterophacker (07 Nov 2011 13:42) - Comments : 0

Governments and dominant positions - Please find bellow a translation of most interesting parts of the study written by Antonio J. Russo, reffered to in previous thread. Posted by Dark MartenDark Marten (20 Oct 2011 15:05) - Comments : 0

Swiss procurement of MSFT that was challennged by RedHat, latest news - Attached below is the media release of the /ch/open regarding the court decision of the Swiss federal court earlier this week. The court ruled that the administrative court correctly rejected to enter into the case because the complainants had not proven they could offer what was being tendered. Posted by dasbodasbo (31 Mar 2011 15:38) - Comments : 1

MS & French Ministry of Defense : DIRISI Review - Please find bellow a summarized translation of the DIRISI Review. Posted by Dark MartenDark Marten (18 Jul 2011 16:45) - Comments : 0

MS & French Min. of Defense : Press Review - Press review bellow : Posted by Dark MartenDark Marten (30 Aug 2011 12:40) - Comments : 0

Synthetic page on MSFT's political influence in Europe - This is a rather useful page, because it links to so many references about MSFT's political influence all over Europe… of course some of these links point to opinions and rumours, but many others are about hard facts: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (23 Aug 2011 15:13) - Comments : 0

How Microsoft Can attract new business - Here's a report from Venture Beat ( on an innovative way that Microsoft has found to get new business. Works great is you have a cash pile and want to break down barriers to entry by paying off people to use your product. I wonder to what extent similar, um, incentives may be used in public procurement: Posted by Belgian GuyBelgian Guy (06 Jul 2011 10:56) - Comments : 0

Office 365, a potential cause for more vendor lock-in? - As I was researching technical documentation for Office 365 I suddenly realized that -while there isn't much in terms of technical specification and published protocols for Office 365- this new online offering actually relies on a serie of other stacks, namely MS SharePoint and Lync. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (01 Jul 2011 12:03) - Comments : 0

European forum on Public procurement - Not sure if it's of interest here, but there is a forum on the e-procurement in Europe and apparently anyone can join: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (23 Jun 2011 14:02) - Comments : 1

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