The sorry state of OOXML tools and documentation

Back when OOXML was on its hyperfast track to ISO standardization there was a talk about OOXML tools and utilities purposedly showing both the use of OOXML and a set of utilities meant to allow developers to "interoperate" with OOXML. Today the dust has settled; OOXML defects are still obvious but what's going on with these tools and the OOXML implementations?

Not much, if you look for them.
First we have the OOXML/ODF Translator, manned mostly by MSFT:
Which has not proven to bear fruits. At some point a german technical institute was reportedly working on it but it is safe to assume that in 3 to 4 years they would have come up with something compelling if this hadn't been for the complexity of the OOXML format.

The we have an OOXML/UOF translator which seems to have a similar story (UOF is the chinese national office standard).

Last but not least there is the OOXML Viewer and that project seems to be inactive:
The only choice seems to visit that other related project: which is also not very active and the other interesting thing is that there does not seem to be any source code that comes with it. Odd for a so-called open source project!

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