Neelie Kroes on Microsoft Cloud interoperability

Neelie Kroes, a Digital Commissioner for Europe, today took part in opening a rebranded lobbying office from Microsoft in Brussels under the umbrella of Cloud and Interoperability. There she held a lengthy speech for the American company:

In that context, in the area of public services, the European Commission published the Communication “Towards interoperability for European public services” in December 2010. This aims to establish a common approach for Member States' public administrations, to help citizens and businesses to profit fully from the EU’s digital single market. The European Interoperability Framework (EIF) will help the delivery of European public services by fostering cross-border interoperability, building on and tying together national frameworks. If we find solutions for requirements, cloud computing can become a vehicle for governments to deliver services to citizens more efficiently and at lower cost.

To be sure, for all our European efforts, we recognise that the Holy Grail is actually finding global solutions, working through bodies like the G20 and others.

I look forward to the day when the cloud puts many more thousands of our SMEs on the European and world stage. When the cloud makes the single market real for them, to its full extent. I look forward to the day when the cloud helps governments stay “in the black.”

What's next? Would a Human Rights commissioner embrace a "Human Right Center" at the Iran embassy? A riddicule of their victims.

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