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Situation Overview

Microsoft is very active in standardisation ever since OOXML. Any discussion on Microsoft's ongoing activities in OOXML standardisation and on other standards takes place on this forum.

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News views and discussion forum

Neelie Kroes on Microsoft Cloud interoperability - Neelie Kroes, a Digital Commissioner for Europe, today took part in opening a rebranded lobbying office from Microsoft in Brussels under the umbrella of Cloud and Interoperability. There she held a lengthy speech for the American company: Posted by BrunhildaDornBrunhildaDorn (22 Mar 2011 18:17) - Comments : 3

what is happenng in denmark? OOXML transitional the only document standard? - there's quite a bit of history here, danish parliament wanting to reexamine the government's decision to promote two document standards. Posted by dasbodasbo (01 Mar 2011 13:45) - Comments : 1

Remember OOXML - All information related to Office Open XML (OOXML) can be found on the NoOOXML Campaign website created by Benjamin Henrion - now President of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure - in 2007 : The website is ful of pertinent details about the OOXML standardization process and it might be interesting to point out the main apsects of what it was all about. Posted by manechmanech (11 Feb 2011 16:03) - Comments : 1

Standardisation in Europe - Posted by interophackerinterophacker (08 Feb 2011 15:51) - Comments : 0

Standards Microsoft is involved in - Posted by interophackerinterophacker (08 Feb 2011 15:49) - Comments : 0

Ongoing activities in national standardisation - Posted by interophackerinterophacker (08 Feb 2011 15:48) - Comments : 0

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