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Situation Overview

Microsoft is very active in standardisation ever since OOXML. Any discussion on Microsoft's ongoing activities in OOXML standardisation and on other standards takes place on this forum.

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News views and discussion forum

Preparatory Design Material - I don't know if this is the right place to post my question but as Interoperability might be a related issue, here it is : browsing through European existing legislation on software protection, I found the expression "preparatory design material" as supposed to be included under the definition of computer program. Would anybody have an idea about what this reffers to ? Posted by sacha 2012sacha 2012 (04 Mar 2012 14:47) - Comments : 4

Software Standards & Patent Licensing - Not directly relevant to Microsoft's own practices and yet… useful things to keep in mind: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (16 Feb 2012 09:25) - Comments : 1

Leap year issues everyhwhere around MSFT software? - With the news of the Windows Azure crash and subsequent downtime I am wondering if this is the same kind of issue we had already faced with OOXML. Remember the infamous 1900 bug in OOXML??? Posted by interophackerinterophacker (02 Mar 2012 10:14) - Comments : 2

Remember, DFD is approaching fast! - The next Document Freedom Day is scheduled to take place on the 28th of March 2012. Everybody can get involved: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (29 Feb 2012 11:23) - Comments : 1

Joy to the the world: IE6 might be going away! - This could be good news, as in, Christmas-present style good news: with the new update process introduced by Microsoft in 2012 users won't be bothered into actually choosing updates for browsers; in fact, the updates will download and install silently. Ars Technica has the news: click here. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (26 Dec 2011 12:07) - Comments : 0

"Some Standards are more open than others" - A nice article by Ed Bott, covering Apple's latest move on the EPUB standard… but it could apply just as well to MSFT: click here. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (24 Jan 2012 14:58) - Comments : 0

News from Abroad: Barnes & Nobles vs MSFT - We usually don't discuss so much what's happening in the US; but this one is interesting. Groklaw has all the details: click here. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (30 Jan 2012 15:43) - Comments : 0

Microsoft organizing an ODF plugfest in 2012? - You have to be kidding me, but hey, this comes from a the staunchest advocates of ODF, the OpenDoc Society: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (12 Dec 2011 13:00) - Comments : 0

Skype Microsoft - Is this going to lead to less consumer choice? Will Microsoft not end up bundling Skype with Exchange and Explorer? Or at least diminishing the interoperability with other platforms? Should the European Commission define some conditions to approve the acquisition relating to interoperability / API's with other platforms? Posted by dasbodasbo (23 Sep 2011 13:02) - Comments : 1

IE9 promotional website DOES NOT work with Google Chrome - So that is hilarious. While it works rather well (there are quirks) with Firefox 6.0.2 this website, praising web standards but really promoting the use of Internet Explorer 9, will not work with Google Chrome 14!
The most outrageous part? the main address of the website seems to be: There's another possible URL though… and it's Posted by interophackerinterophacker (21 Sep 2011 13:30) - Comments : 1

The sorry state of OOXML tools and documentation - Back when OOXML was on its hyperfast track to ISO standardization there was a talk about OOXML tools and utilities purposedly showing both the use of OOXML and a set of utilities meant to allow developers to "interoperate" with OOXML. Today the dust has settled; OOXML defects are still obvious but what's going on with these tools and the OOXML implementations? Posted by interophackerinterophacker (29 Aug 2011 08:44) - Comments : 0

MSOffice 15 will support html5 and JavaScript extensions? - Wait, what? MS Office 15 (that's not the upcoming one, but a later version) will/might have an extension / plugin system that will work with html5 and javascript extensions. This is good news, if that is proven to be true… Now the real news would be if MS Office 15 was to support real open standards and formats, such as ODF and html5…
Source: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (05 Aug 2011 13:59) - Comments : 0

MEP Hammerstein on "Open Standards under siege in the European Union" - Interesting take on the latest developments of the status of IT standards (and open standards) at the level of the European Commission. My take? One step forward, one step backward… Posted by interophackerinterophacker (23 Jun 2011 13:58) - Comments : 0

court decision on I4I & OOXML - It's complex but worth a read: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (20 Jun 2011 14:52) - Comments : 0

Portugal requires open standards - This just in:
Another encouraging sign of open standards adopted everywhere. I can't understand why the European Commission sticks to its old ways… Posted by interophackerinterophacker (12 Apr 2011 11:19) - Comments : 0

OOXML in Australia - This just in from Australia: OOXML "old style" will be used by the Australian government… Hrmbl… (from NOOOXML: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (11 Apr 2011 15:35) - Comments : 0

Some progress on ODF 1.2 - Slightly off topic but still relevant: ODF 1.2 is making real progress and is now considered stable! Posted by interophackerinterophacker (07 Apr 2011 12:36) - Comments : 0

Any news regard MS OOXML? - Does anybody here have any news regarding MS OOXML status? As far as I can tell it's somewhat still in limbo with a standard on paper and a different but rather unpublished specification implemented by MS Office… Posted by interophackerinterophacker (07 Apr 2011 12:33) - Comments : 6

Defining Open Standards - Many of us support "open standards". But it seems that after the public outrage on OOXMLthe definition needs to be clarified. So here's a definition of open standards I like. It comes from the Digistan website:
The Digital Standards Organization defines free and open standard as follows: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (23 Mar 2011 13:34) - Comments : 1

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