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Situation Overview

The documentation we're talking about was issued mostly as a result of the legal actions going on in Europe against Redmond. As a result of these, Microsoft had to publish several specifications and related documentation in batch :

Unfortunately several developers do seem to lack part or whole of the specifications. Help us identify what's missing, help yourself, help the community!

This forum is intended to collect issues on the whole set of Microsoft "interoperability documentation".

A Note on confidentiality:If you are worried about your postings on the wiki being tracked all the way to you, you should consider these following points or contacting us directly.

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News, views and discussion forum

Some more information on Windows Phone application development - Some more information on the Windows Phone applications. Here's what you would have to agree with if you are thinking about developing an application. Pretty limiting, isn't it? Here's however a link to the Windows Phone forum where there are many interesting links and one good discussion about what's missing in terms of documentation: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (29 Apr 2011 09:31) - Comments : 0

Important: MSFT releases updated documentation on its protocols (31st of March 2011) - I did not see this 10 days ago, but here's a pretty important message from Microsoft: in essence, they have upgraded their set of interoperability documents (protocols, specs, etc.). Posted by interophackerinterophacker (14 Apr 2011 13:06) - Comments : 0

Posting on Microsoft forums - I was wondering if we could post some of our questions directly to the Microsoft forums, like these ones: We could do this on a case by case basis if there are specific, technical issues that no one can't seem to be solving. Any thoughts? Posted by interophackerinterophacker (01 Mar 2011 16:23) - Comments : 6

No FOSS on Windows Phone? - Okay I know it's not everyday you meet developers of applications on the Windows Phone platform. But then yesterday I stumbled upon this article as well as this blog. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (18 Feb 2011 15:08) - Comments : 0

OOXML - If you are trying to implement the ISO standard (ISO 29500) we would be interested in your feedback. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (21 Jan 2011 15:18) - Comments : 2

MSN Messenger - Report issues in interacting with MSN Messenger protocols Posted by interophackerinterophacker (05 Nov 2010 16:58) - Comments : 0

Silverlight - If you have trouble implementing/interacting with Silverlight please use this forum. This is not meant to bash Mono & Novell but it's important to know if you're running into technical problems. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (29 Oct 2010 14:35) - Comments : 2

Microsoft Server Protocols - If you have info on server technologies such as Sharepoint or Lync, you can post them here. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (29 Oct 2010 14:34) - Comments : 1

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