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Situation Overview

The documentation we're talking about was issued mostly as a result of the legal actions going on in Europe against Redmond. As a result of these, Microsoft had to publish several specifications and related documentation in batch :

Unfortunately several developers do seem to lack part or whole of the specifications. Help us identify what's missing, help yourself, help the community!

This forum is intended to collect issues on the whole set of Microsoft "interoperability documentation".

A Note on confidentiality:If you are worried about your postings on the wiki being tracked all the way to you, you should consider these following points or contacting us directly.

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News, views and discussion forum

Metro Applications Restricted to Windows Store - More of "my App Store is the only App Store" craziness: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (21 Sep 2011 13:39) - Comments : 0

Are developers really free to implement binary Office formats? - It's a question worth asking and a question I get asked several times a month. Shortly after the OOXML scandal, MSFT published the "Open Specification Promise" (OSP) that covers not just OOXML but a whole batch including the MSFT's "historical" office file formats. These are the binary formats , not the xml based ones, the .doc, .xls and .ppt that are still widely used today. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (24 Aug 2011 13:42) - Comments : 0

How MSFT thinks about innovation - It's not actual documentation but the article contains several interesting slides on how MSFT works internally (hint: it's pretty complex):;content Posted by interophackerinterophacker (17 Aug 2011 11:29) - Comments : 0

Intriguing new events on Windows 8 - Not exactly a piece of documentation, but this caught my eyes: … if anybody knows something about it, feel free to share. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (05 Aug 2011 14:03) - Comments : 1

Windows 7 for mobile ready and still no freedom to develop software on it - Windows 7 for mobile (aka Mango) has now reached the "RTM" phase, which means it's ready to ship on smartphones. As reported earlier the Microsoft OS for mobile has very strict closed conditions and terms if you want to develop on its platform. Fortunately it seems that MSFT's strategy on smartphones does not make it as prevalent as others (iOS being another issue) but it' s still problematic not to have full access to the OS and be free to develop in the language ones wishes to. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (27 Jul 2011 18:07) - Comments : 5

Documentation and protocols for Office 365 - These past days the release of Office 365 by Microsoft has been all the rage and fury in the media. There is little documentation available, aside release notes. What would be really useful is to have MSFT disclose the technical documentation and the specifications of the protocols necessary to have third party interoperate with Office 365 (and not just with plugins). At this stage this is not available, nor is there an indication of the future availability of such documentation at any given date. The links below are worth keeping an eye on. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (01 Jul 2011 11:13) - Comments : 1

Code! From Microsoft! Available! - True, it's not actual documentation, but it's actual code. Or rather, it points to code -most of which is actual open source- and it might be helpful. But I am unsure whether this is some sort of propaganda website or if it's something that can be leveraged. Feedback welcome. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (23 Jun 2011 14:10) - Comments : 0

Interoperability @ Microsoft blog - Some might say that it's just buzz, but I'll point to the URL anyway :-) Posted by interophackerinterophacker (23 Jun 2011 14:06) - Comments : 0

MS Exchange Protocols Documentation available - Grab the latest (but probably not the greatest): Posted by interophackerinterophacker (20 Jun 2011 14:55) - Comments : 0

MS Alert Spec - While written since 2008, this protocol specification seems quite important and is regularly updated and maintained by MSFT. It's essentially a communication protocols used in various MSFT software. Any thoughts? Has anyone been able to implement it? Posted by interophackerinterophacker (17 Jun 2011 10:32) - Comments : 0

Good news on Silverlight (sort of) - That's not exactly earth-shattering, but for those who would need to use the full scope of Bing services, they will be happy to learn Silverlight is not required anymore for Bing tools: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (27 May 2011 14:25) - Comments : 0

Interesting pointers on SharePoint protocols - This appeared on one of MSDN's forum on "Open Specification Promise" Documentation. It's about the specifications of protocols used in SharePoint: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (23 May 2011 14:24) - Comments : 2

Mono gets kicked out of Novell, new company formed by M. De Icaza - Novell, now under control from Attachmate has fired its Mono department. Miguel De Icaza announces he is setting up a new entity dedicated to the further development of Mono. This includes Mono's stack on smartphones ' platform such as Android and iOS, but also Mono as a platform and Moonlight. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (18 May 2011 12:08) - Comments : 0

A simple list of documentation on MSFT protocols and formats - Documentation from MSFT can be troubling. They even made a whole point of making it look confusing, I think. Now this page is quite clear: . It lists by default the documentation covered by the MS "Open Specification Promise". Among them, Exchange protocols and MS Office file formats (there are more listed). Also of interest, they don't mention the Interoperability but the "Data Portability" when listing the Office file formats: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (09 May 2011 10:44) - Comments : 0

Interesting forums on ODF for MS Office - It's logical but somewhat unexpected, (we highligted it may actually be useful) however there are some quite good technical questions and answers there: it's a MSFT hosted forum on the ODF implementation inside MS Posted by interophackerinterophacker (01 May 2011 10:26) - Comments : 0