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Situation Overview

The documentation we're talking about was issued mostly as a result of the legal actions going on in Europe against Redmond. As a result of these, Microsoft had to publish several specifications and related documentation in batch :

Unfortunately several developers do seem to lack part or whole of the specifications. Help us identify what's missing, help yourself, help the community!

This forum is intended to collect issues on the whole set of Microsoft "interoperability documentation".

A Note on confidentiality:If you are worried about your postings on the wiki being tracked all the way to you, you should consider these following points or contacting us directly.

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News, views and discussion forum

Microsoft fighting AIDS - This is quite curious news, and not really relevant to MS published documentation - btw maybe should we add a section on this website for miscellaneous info, how about that ? Anyway here is it.. Based on research against spamming : Posted by sacha 2012sacha 2012 (20 Mar 2012 11:11) - Comments : 1

More news from Windows 8: Zune and Live scrapped off new "MS ID"? - Well that is going to confuse a lot of people, people using Windows and developers as well. Not every detail is known, but the Zune and Live brands will be going away for the Windows 8; they'll be replaced by the Windows Communication Apps (hey, I thought Windows Communication was something related to WCF, a set of Windows and Sharepoint APIs?) while the Live ID will be renamed or redeveloped as "Microsoft ID" Not the right time to change all your brands, Stevie… Posted by interophackerinterophacker (25 Feb 2012 22:23) - Comments : 3

What's Microsoft'strategy on Open Source? - This is an interesting interview of one Microsoft manager in charge of OSS community that has been translated into English by Fabrice Mous. (Download the PDF on this page)
I personally think it's all very politically correct, because meanwhile Microsoft continues to push its policies against Open Source and threatens companies with software patents… Posted by interophackerinterophacker (02 Mar 2012 13:58) - Comments : 3

Visual Studio 11 details on MSDN - Visual Studio tends to be a piece of rather serious software. It's not everybody's choice, but it deserves a review. This one comes from MSDN and I'll be on the lookout for more review as the new version is about to be released: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (25 Feb 2012 22:19) - Comments : 2

Interesting article on SkyDrive - It's a not a well covered topic, but here are a few updates on SkyDrive. Ars Technica has all the details and guess what: there's now a built-in support for OpenDocument Format (ODF) documents. Click here to read article. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (29 Feb 2012 11:19) - Comments : 0

Windows Phone is so locked down it seems you can't even use Youtube... - Okay, it starts like a joke, but it's really not a joke. Take a look at the thread below that popped up on the Windows Phone developer forum and behold: you can't visit on a Windows Phone, mostly because the Windows platform uses exclusively proprietary codecs… Posted by interophackerinterophacker (23 Feb 2012 13:19) - Comments : 0

Now that Flash is going away who does need Silverlight? - Now thatFlash is going slowly but surely away who needs Silverlight?
And who uses Silverlight for what reason, by the way? Posted by interophackerinterophacker (23 Feb 2012 13:07) - Comments : 0

What's on Windows 8 metro? MS Office... and that's all - Well I'm sure there will be more software available, but it shows a few technical issues that MSFT might have, as it does not seem that the documentation that should let developers use and develop for the Windows Metro platform is available or at least is made entirely available: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (16 Feb 2012 09:21) - Comments : 3

MSFT only tolerates Windows 8 on ARM devices, imposes its own demands on OEMs - Pretty much everything that was feared, discussed, speculated about, turned out to be justified: click here. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (14 Jan 2012 12:36) - Comments : 2

The new filesystem on Windows 8 server - So that's the big news these days. The upcoming Windows 8 server will come with a brand new filesystem technology called "ReFS" for Resilient File System. Let's see what they have to say about it: click here. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (24 Jan 2012 15:02) - Comments : 0

On Microsoft's online privacy policies... - Well we all heard about Google's simplified privacy policies and we all know that, Google or not, privacy concerns should matter more for online services. According to the article linked below it seems that MSFT has helped spread the panic around Google's privacy policy while claiming MSFT's services such as Hotmail does not mine users' data or keeps the record of users' activities online. It seems nothing could be more wrong, at least when it comes to Microsoft's online services. Interesting stuff to keep in mind: click here to read article. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (01 Feb 2012 20:11) - Comments : 0

MSFT's Open Specification documentation updated - As usual, MSFT updates its documentation on its technologies covered by the OSP; the latest is accessible here: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (02 Jan 2012 15:03) - Comments : 0

Latest or last release of SilverLight? - It's Christmas time I tell you. MSFT just released what might be the last version of SilverLight. Adios "you can't run this video on your computer" , welcome html 5? Posted by interophackerinterophacker (26 Dec 2011 12:13) - Comments : 0

OT: MSFT vs Novell - Interesting news of the day: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (22 Dec 2011 12:01) - Comments : 0

Technical question regarding Metro - I have a question regarding Metro. (Metro is the name for a tablet-like interface of Windows 8, but you will have it on the desktop as well if you choose). See more details about that here: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (22 Dec 2011 11:56) - Comments : 2

MSFT continues to attack other companies with software patents - Enlightening and frightening article on Ars Technica: the worst part is that we're not talking one or two, or even ten patents, but sixty thousand software patents used -in the article- against Barnes & Nobles. And Some want to have an unitary patent system in Europe? This is pure madness! Posted by interophackerinterophacker (12 Dec 2011 12:57) - Comments : 2

No interop for the next Windows Phone - This article explains what will be the new features in the upcoming Windows phone OS: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (27 May 2011 14:24) - Comments : 1

How open is Windows Azure? - Sure enough, Windows Azure claims to be open and interoperable. Aside the service itself -hosted and operated by Microsoft- how open is Windows Azure as a platform? I guess we need to read some fine print here. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (15 Nov 2011 10:36) - Comments : 2

List of the most recent MSFT patents - I just stumbled upon this website, it covers many companies of course, and here's the page that is interesting:
If you poke deeper you'll see quite detailed information on what sort of patent applications MSFT is filing: Posted by interophackerinterophacker (07 Nov 2011 13:40) - Comments : 3

For reference: .Net 4.5 technical details emerge - As I said, for reference:
Of course it's not complete yet, I don't know where they'll pose the whole set of docs. Interesting to note, of course, a growing dependency between the .Net platform and the Metro stack. Posted by interophackerinterophacker (27 Sep 2011 08:07) - Comments : 0

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